Summer is here! Weather is on the manner and other people are trying to find the simplest way to stay cool. therefore while not any bye, here ar five of the world’s coolest water slides.

Aquaconda, Dubai Marine Park, UAE

Your exciting ride on the world’s largest slide begins from twenty two meters (72+ feet) within the air.  As you slide you may reach a speed of up to thirty five kilometers (21+miles) per hour as you switch and twist through a tube that's 156 meters (511+ feet) long.

Ramayana Water Park. Pattaya, Thailand

After you have got spent the day road Asian nation, cool off with a visit to the nation’s biggest water park.  Step into a raft for four and prepare to ride the Aquaconda or Python or perhaps race against another raft of individuals on the 240-meter (787+ foot) Duelling Aqua-Coasters.

The Scorpion’s Tail, Noah’s Ark Waterpark, USA

The Scorpion’s Tail has some spectacular stats. it's ten stories tall and virtually 396 feet (121 meters) long. you'll plummet down this slide at fifteen meters (over forty nine feet) per second on the primary scary drop.   The ride is however one in all the highlights of the quite 69-acre (28-hectare) waterpark.

The Leap Of Faith, Atlantis Paradise Resort, the Bahamas

The highlight of the imaginary place Resort is that the Leap of religion attraction which has live Nurse and Caribbean Reef sharks. the sole issue between you and these denizens of the deep is that the clear tube through that you’ll be shooting.

Yas Waterworld, UAE

Slither’s Slides could be a colourful tangle of rides settled in national capital.  The stripy tubes all have a tooth turtlehead.  The travel Surprise slips inner tubes through a jarring wet ride.

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