We've all tried to find the cheapest flight possible at least once in this life, but we went wrong. Here are some little tricks that will save you time and most importantly a lot of money for your next flight.

1. Keep your searches secret

Probably you didn't notice, but anytime you search for a flight, the prince has been increased little by little. Your browser's cookies allow the price of flight tickets to increase anytime you repeatedly search for a specific route. We recommend to always search for any flight in incognito mode for better prices.

Depending on your browser, you can enable the incognito mode hitting different commands. For Chrome, Opera or Safari hit Command or Control + Shift + 'N', and this thing let you navigate untracked by those websites.


2. Use the best search engines

Most of the search engines have supra-priced flight tickets as part of its commission. Use listed some good websites to search for your next flight.

For better results, you need to search for all these websites. (we've listed as many we found )


3. Identify the cheapest period of time to fly

While many people say that the best day to book a flight is on Tuesday, the reality is there is no consistent day to book a flight. The best thing to do is to get a visual of prices for the whole month to the cheapest dates. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Get on Skyscanner website
  2. Enter your city where you want to fly
  3. Select one-way ticket
  4. On a computer: click on 'Depart' and select 'whole month' and then select 'cheapest month' so in this way you can browse all dates for the cheapest one

You can do the same process on the mobile app too, but we recommend to do it on a computer for better visualization. 


4. Book flights with connections

If you're planning to fly somewhere that involves a transfer, for example from France to Los Angeles, which typically involves France to New York, then New York to France, consider that to be way cheaper than a direct fly France - Lost Angeles. The big transfer will be, the cheaper flight will be.

You can book a flight with a break of 2 days between flights to save a lot of money for the flight ticket.


5. Find the cheapest airport

Whether you know your exact destination or not, you need to check all the airports in the area you want to go. After you found the cheapest location in your area, go on local public transport of that area for buses tickets. For example, in the United States, you can find cheap bus tickets on MegaBus between major cities.


6. Check all the currencies

Sometimes budget airlines will make you pay in the currency of the country you are departing from, but you can choose to not. Make sure you have a credit card that is free of foreign-transaction fee. 

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