Where to start from?

Are you wondering how to find the best accommodation for your journeys? This is why we are here for. The first thing that you wanna do is choosing between a hotel, an apartment or even a villa, depending on your preferences. We would recommend the use of villas or apartments, as they offer more flexibility and security.

Make your experience fun!

 When you are looking for a place to stay while traveling across the world, you might to it in a fun way. There are many places that can make your experience unforgettable. For example a chateau in France or a houseboat in Amsterdam. These are unique places to stay, so go ahead! We last stayed in an ecolodge in Bali. It was great!


Know your rental criteria

When traveling as a group, each person has a different view of what is the best accommodation. This is why a criteria is the best way to handle it.
                            ~the price - don't forget to check for all additional costs
                            ~number of bathrooms per bedrooms
                            ~full access to a free and fast network
                            ~the closest ways of transportation
                            ~how quiet is the area of your stay
                            ~air conditioning and heating

When to choose hotels

For short periods of time of course. When we are traveling for two or three nights we find that a hotel offers much more accessibility than a vacation rental. For short periods of time, the check-in is more flexible with the employees to assist you.


Tips for choosing the best accommodation

1) Research your destination first

2) Book your accommodation as early as possible

3) Make a list of properties you like

4) Avoid traveling at peak times

5) Know your vacation criteria

6) Read many reviews of properties you like

7) Communicate with your host first

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