One of the essential equipments a hiker should have is a trustworthy, good backpack. We designed ours in such a way that no matter how long is the hiking trip you make, you will never suffer from any type of backpain. So here are some important tips you should know before buying a backpack and also some recommandations.

Enough Space

When you are preparing for a good and long hiking trip, you should take with you all the important gear you need to survive. This can mean a lot from the food and water you need to the extra clothes and your sleeping bag. This is why you are searching first for a more spacious backpack. One such backpack we are proud of, is The Huge Vintage Backpack-Bag
The Huge Vintage Backpack-Bag's design combines the feeling of a 20th-century cross-country adventure, traditional army-wear and the simplicity of a modern nomad.
  •  Designed with the traditional army-bag in mind.
  •  Perfect for both weekend trips & longer travels.
  • Designed for the modern nomad.
  • With a capacity of up to 70LThe Huge Vintage Backpack-Bag is capable of carrying everything you will be needing on your trip while keeping all of your stuff safe & sound inside one big solid compartment.

    •  A capacity of 70 L to fit everything you need.
    •  Handcrafted out of durable canvas cotton.

    Forget about zippers, update your travel gear and experience your travels the old-fashioned way, all while standing out with the most awesome looking bag on the streets.

The Back Protection

And you don't need just any kind of bag aside from needing a backpack that is spacious enough to fit your food, water and safety gear. You also need one that won't damage your posture and break your back. The main compartemnt must be fully padded with a 3D suspension system wich will offer exceptional and optimal load transfer. The back pannel must automatically contour to the shape of the body so that any risk of backpain will be autimatically excluded. Almost every backpack in our system has this future but for the hiking trip we wold recommend the huge vintage backpack-bag or The Multi-function Waterproof Backpack.
The Multi-function Waterproof Backpack is finally here for you. High quality and safety: made of durable oxford fabric with double zipper for durability. The internal padded shockproof covers have straps to secure laptops and iPads. This bag will also guarantee a safe travel without any backpain.

Resistent and Good looking

Moreover, it is vital that your backpack can protect your stuff from unpredictible weather rain or shine. On top of that we are sure you would prefer a nice looking backpack to compliment your hiker look. Our backpacks are designed in such a way that they will always protect your goods and also look good at the same time. Our technology combines the two without any disadvantages.

The extra Straps

As you know already, it is very important that your travelling backpack must have at least 2 Back straps so that the heavy part of the backpack can be easily distributed making your backpack easy to carry. 2 straps are sufficient but we recomment extra straps. Along the wais and along the chest. The chest ones keeps the shoulder straps separated and also help distribute some of the weight across front. The waist straps are important if they are placed at the level of the belly button because they will help with heavier loads.

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