Today, we are going to help you pick the right work office bag. We know that a lot of you just graduating from college or you've got a nice job in a nice city and you wanna make a good first impression on your first day. Here are some tips that are goona help you with that. So everything you wanna do is trust us.

The Design

The first important thing is the design of the bag. You wanna look good when you transit to and from work. When you are commuting on the subway or you are in the taxi or a bus, you want to be able to protect your important documents. A work office bag it's a great thing to own. There are different type of bags, different styles, different sizes. How do you make a smart purchasing decision? Well, first you are looking for something that fits you well and that you like. Matching your work clothes are important too.

What style of work bag should you pick?

Ultimately, the proper work bag is one that suits you. Your work tools, your workplace area, your style. If everybody uses a case at your workplace, however you actually suit a backpack, then associate with that. That doesn’t mean you can’t ensure you've got a backpack that's still unbelievably sleek and skilled trying. choose the proper one, with organization to form your colleagues jealous, and you may even begin a swing in trend towards your chosen vogue.

The way you carry your bag

Part of however you carry your bag would possibly embody however you commute to figure within the 1st place. If you ride, you’re most likely all a couple of backpack or traveller type of work bag. If you're taking transport, you may would like one thing agile with some anti-theft security additional in. If you drive, then a purse or case may be a walk up begin.
Do you just like the comfort of backpacks, or does one like the straightforward access of throw one thing over your shoulder? Or, does one need to stay extremist skilled and go case vogue to hold within the hand? There square measure many choices to decide on from during this space, and a few out there that even convert between all 3.

Check the quality of the material

There is a wide variety of materials out there that are used in making-of of a work bag. If you have in mind buying from our website, just ignore this step because every bag that we sell is high-quality, but if you don't then keep in mind to first check if your bag is mostly made out of leather because it can protect your important documents safe in case of any water spilling. There are 3 types of leather that are used in a work bag. Full grain, top grain and genuine leather. Now the most desired it is the full grain because it is the most durable. 

The Hardware

No we are not talking about computers. For a work bag, the hardware is all the other components: the zipper, the bucklets, all the other things like that. Now you have to understand that in most of the cases, the fabricants, if they spent more money on the material, they will spent less on the hardware. This will reduce the resistance of your bag and in one of the worst cases you will get home and your zipper will be broken and not to mention what could happen to the documents. 
Here are DareFactory, we like to think about all this stuff to keep your problems away. So in this case we spend equaly among the material and the hardware to ensure both are in a good shape and both are very resistent, meaning the full bag will be in a perfect state after everyday of work.

The Size

So I've got a friend and he owns this beautiful work bag that he never uses because it is too big for his needs. He got it as a gift and it sits in his office and used it twice in 10 years. That's a funny story, I personally would just gave up on it. So that's why it is very important to keep the size in mind. You need something that would fit all your work things but won't be too big. I would recommend this bag from our website:

The Tech Travel Organizer Bag

Our handy, Tech Travel Organizer Bag is handcrafted with the finest materials. Outstanding design and attention to detail make this bag a highly-practical and unique piece.


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