Is it the summer almost over and you need to pick up the best school backpack you ever had? Well worry no longer because we will help you today with important tips about the perfect school backpack. Our backpack experts have designed some of our backpacks to be perfect for this specific kind of issue and we will recommend them to you.

Fitting the back

When you are choosing the right backpack for the day-by-day school trip, you wanna make sure that it fits the back at closely as possible. This is an important thing because if you make great distances with your backpack everyday, like 10 minutes of walking from home to school and backwards, because of the weight that books and notebooks have, you will probably often complain about backpain. So make sure the backpack is no larger than 2 inches below the shoulder and 4 inches below the waist.

Shoulder Straps

Our next important tip it's about the shoulder straps. We like them padded and thick. This is not just for commfort as it sounds but it is also important to distribute the weight over your shoulders equally. Some bags come with one straps which are ok, but for school we recommend the ones with two, to help balance the weight over the back, like Panka Backpack.
Just in time for back to school, the Panka Backpack is made out of sturdy high-quality oxford materials. Multiple compartments to hold your devices and plenty of room for your books and folders. The material provides optimum comfort and utility is unrivaled.
As you can see, the Panka Backpack has 2 straps, enough space for your books, pencils and notebooks and more important it fits perfectly alongside your back, so no more backpain!
Now some bags come with extra straps. Along the waist and along the chest. The chest ones are nice because they keep shoulder straps separated and also helps distribute some of the weight across front. The waist straps are important if they are placed at the level of the belly button and they will help with heavier loads stabilize the backpack as well as keep the weight of the bag over the bottom part at the back. This type of backpack would be the X-Rine Waterproof Backpack.
Now it does not only has the perfect match of straps but also the X-Rine Waterproof Backpack is a smart softback that can be used every day, even for business meetings, school or travel. So if you weant your backpack to help you in your school everyday trips but also on the travelling trips, go ahead with the X-Rine Waterproof Backpack

The Back Padding

Another cool feature that every backpack should have is the padding across the back. Now this doesn't just provide comfort but it also provides lumbar support wich helps keep the natural curve at the back and help prevent sloutching.

The loading

Our last and almost most important tip of the day is loading of the backpacks. For older kids you don't want the backpack  to weight more than 25 pounds and for the younger kids his parents are packing the backpack make sure you take the items for the previous day and when you are adding new items place the heavy items in the bottom and the light items in the top. You don't wanna smash the peanut butter or the sandwich! And also by placing heavy items to the bottom you will reduce the strain on the shoulders and you will make use of the stronger portion of the lower back to carry those heavy items.

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