Here at Dare Factory, our travel gear experts spent years perfecting the travel backpacks and the travel experience that goes with it. Today we will help you to choose the perfect travel backpack for you and also we have some sugestions too. Let's start!

The Extra Space

Whether you are shopping in the usual store or somewhere classy, remember to set up for the additional area in your bag. Remember this before you leave. If you've got to take a seat on your bag to urge it closed, you aren’t possible to suit anything you decide up throughout your trip. One of the extra-space backpacks we have on stock is the X-Rine Waterproof Backpack, a smart softback that can be used every day, but it's perfect for travel.

Always Choose Versatility

A travel backpack must have two main parts. One part backpack and the other, a substitute for the traditional suitcase. With the right travel backpack you can have both and we designed our backpacks to be safe and without any bump bump sound so that people around you won't stare at the "tourist in town".

Everything in it's place

When you choose a backpack is important that you have the required space for everything you want to take with you. We designed our backpacks with special pockets for your devices, suck as the charger, tha tablet or your smarthphone, as we know that these things must be separated from other goods to prevent breaking, so those special pockets are soft and protective. You don't have to worry about breaking your phone.

For an easy Grabbing, you need Extra Handles

When you are in a hurry, to catch a train or a plane, extra handles are making your job so much easier. It’s useful to possess straightforward ways that to grab your bag and go.The Zeno Trail Bag is perfectly balanced for the hustle and bustle of city life while rugged and light enough to take on your weekend trips to the mountains. A hybrid design with waterproof capability, you'll have enough space for your digital needs and hiking essentials, all rolled into one. It has many handles that will help you on your travel trip.

Wheels on Backpacks

For extra comfort when your back or your hands are tired because of the long trip, some backpacks have wheels attached to their back so you can just pull them. They can be used even on stairs and of course on though ground areas, because of the resistent material that is used. If your backpack doesn't have those, you can buy and attach them by yourself.


Safety Before Everything

Wherever you might spent your time along the travelling trip, there are always thieves that target tourists because they can't stay forever in the specific town to find their stolen things. So you must think of your luggage safety before choosing the perfect travel backpack. We designed such backpacks so that would be impossible for someone to just take it and run away.
Have a look at the safety straps the X-Rine Backpack provides:
If you want to combine extra space with your safety we recommend The X-Rine Backpack or the famous Anti-Theft Multifunction Backpack, The most versatile bag you'll ever own, with all the pockets and organization you need to make it great for traveling.

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