As computer users, we are all so tuned into password-protected devices and online security that it is often easy to overlook the real simple stuff such as how to protect your laptop from physical damage. Especially while traveling, it can expose your computer to many risks.


Get a laptop sleeve for extra protection

With a brand new laptop, you will certainly want extra protection for your precious device. As mentioned already above, taking your computer on the road can expose it to bumps and bangs.

For this reason, a laptop sleeve is a good idea to provide an extra layer of protection. Just make sure the case is well padded to prevent the paint/laptop surface from being scratched, as well as to provide you with an extra cushion to keep your laptop screen protected.

Place the case with the laptop inside the backpack of your laptop and make sure the case fits perfectly into the laptop compartment.

Casewell Shockproof Laptop Case | Dare Factory

Clean your laptop regularly

While many of us are very good at keeping our laptops clean in the digital environment, it is common to neglect the physical cleaning of your device.

By this, I mean cleaning the screen, keyboard, and all the things you use of a day to day basis. A dirty, dust-ridden laptop can easily overheat and break. 

Be sure to regularly perform a physical clean to reduce the risk and keep your computer dust and germ-free.


Guard your laptop exteriors with covers or skins

While a sleeve can protect your laptop while moving, a skin or tight case will protect your laptop from physical damage while using. Some even work well as water protection too.


Avoid eating or drinking at the same time as working on laptop

While I’m all about working on the road and love a great café office, you’d be wise to try and limit eating or drinking something near a laptop. If something accidentally spills on your laptop, it can be destroyed and shut it down in minutes.

Also, crunchy food can cause dust in the vents of laptops which can get sucked up into the machine via the cooling system and can possibly damage the hard disk.

How to protect your laptop from physical damage | Dare Factory

Protect your laptop in rainy days

The weather is very unpredictable. If you travel outdoors or by bicycle during the rainy season, you should protect your laptop from the rain. Once it gets wet, your laptop is very likely to get damaged.

There are several ways to protect your laptop on a rainy day:

  1. Use a waterproof laptop backpack (and zip it up properly) - we have a wide varienty of waterproof laptop backpacks.
  2. If your backpack is not waterproof, buy a rain cover. They can be scrunched up really small and stowed ready for when you are caught out by the weather.
  3. If you don’t have a waterproof sleeve, put your laptop in a plastic bag before storing it in your backpack.
  4. The most obvious is to use an umbrella

Make sure your laptop is turned off when you travel in the rainy season.

X-Rine Water Repellent Backpack | Dare Factory

Do not twist the cords

Generally, we think that power cords and other cables can twist and bend and they are often the last thing to be shoved in a bag. However, cables are often more delicate than you may think.

The joins where the cable connects with the charging port can easily get worn and striped, quickly becoming dangerous to use. One of the most frustrating things, when you are relying on your computer for working while you are out of the hours, is a malfunctioning power cable.

A good idea is to wrap wires around something to bring them together. This also means they won’t be folded so tightly. However, be sure that whatever you are doing this with has no sharp point or edges that could also damage the cable.

One of my all-time favorite purchases is my humble cable organizer. Cheap and does an amazing job.

Tech Travel Organizer | Dare Factory

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