Are you a history fan? Do you love to travel as much as we do? Or maybe more? Then this blog is all about you. We made a list about some mysterious monuments from the ancient civilizations arount the world that you may like to visit.

The Pyramids of Giza

Located in Cairo, Egyptologists still will solely speculate concerning this four,500-year-old burial complicated. however may ancient architects assemble these specific structures as high as 149 meters (459 feet)? however may numerous stone blocks deliberation many tons even be moved  many kilometers within the initial place? however the builders can be thus precise with such rudimentary tools remains a mystery to the present day.


Teotihuacan is simply northeast of capital of Mexico. Historians stay unsure on World Health Organization designed this nine.7-square-mile (25-square-kilometer) website. 
They solely “inherited” it. in addition, Hugh Harleston, Associate in Nursing yankee engineer, discovered that Teotihuacan is really a model of our own scheme. the varied buildings proportionately correspond to the dimensions and position of the planets.


Although this town was erected within the fourth century B.C., this once vital commerce center in Jordan was forgotten before the eighth century AD. In 1812, it absolutely was rediscovered and deemed a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage web site. Researchers still have queries. however were the inhabitants able to carve the whole city from the rock? however were they even able to have enough water in one among the world’s most arid areas?


Located on a high-altitude plain in Bolivia, this pre-Columbian town is over one,000 years previous. Some believe it to be between four,000 and 12,000 years previous. no matter its age, researchers agree that it might be one in every of the world’s oldest cities. The spectacular details of the masonry indicate that this was once the house of individuals WHO were prior their time.

Mausoleum of the Qin Emperor

It was here close to the town of Xi’an, China in 1974 once the far-famed army of terra-cotta warriors was discovered. They date from to 210 B.C. after they were created to safeguard Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, within the life. currently a United Nations agency World Heritage website, this topographic point makes one surprise if every terra-cotta somebody really represents a true soldier.

The Yonaguni Monument

Just ninety eight feet (30 meters) off the submarine coast of Japan’s Yonaguni Island, is that the underwater pyramid. Discovered in 1985, these days it's familiar to some because the “Yonaguni Submarine Ruins” whereas others decision this stone pyramid “Japan’s mythical place.” To date, this submerged pyramid-like formation still remains a mystery.

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