Are you wondering where can you travel with your beloved one? Do you want a relaxing, romantic place where you can share together the best memories of your lives? Well here is a top 5 romantic destinations for the both of you.

5. Turkey

This country has everything you can ask for in a romantic holiday! From majestic landscapes to moonstruck beaches and a lot of architectural marvels. Also, there are a lot of rooftops clubs that you can join and party all night.

4. Iceland

If you and your beloved one love the taste of adventure, this is the place for you. Here you can see together the wonders of northern lights, that can be seen in the sky in almost every week by night.

3. Thailand

This place is definitely the land of beaches so if your half goes crazy about staying in the sun or swimming with the dolphins, then this is the perfect place for your next journey. Don't forget to check out the resort of Phuket.

2. Buenos Aires

How can anything be more romantic than the city of tango, of dancing, of love? This place has to offer more romantic air than you can ever imagine. Don't hesitate and take your love here right now!

1. Amsterdam

Enjoy walking down with your beloved one by Amsterdam's canal-ways. No other place in the world can weel so romantic. Here it's a guaranteed kiss and not just on the chick. Explore the city by taking bicycle rides together!

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