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Looking for good quality, waterproof, travel backpack that can handle most of your favourite travel gear including clothes, laptop and various media or portable devices?


This awesome, anti-theft backpack is our latest addition in our store and we are confident that you will love it too. It's light, durable and packed full of features which are both fashionable and functional... ready to accompany you wherever you decide to go. Take it to Work, School, Road Trip or your next Overseas trip!


Yes, you can probably spend a lot of money on backpacks these days, but think about what you really need it for. We prefer to be practical and focus on what matters most... and that is Style, Safety, Convenience and Value for Money.

This anti-theft backpack has a slick, ergonomic, modern design which is perfect for everyday use as well as a carry-on bag for your next trip! Its waterproof shell is designed to protect your gear - especially during those unexpected moments when you get caught out in the rain!

EVERY YEAR... THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE  AROUND THE WORLD FALL VICTIM TO PICKPOCKETS!! That's why we know Travellers (for work or pleasure) would absolutely love the handy, secure, anti-theft pockets strategically located within this anti-theft backpack. Even High School Students, College or University Students will find this bag very useful too. Suits both Men, Women and every other gender you can think of.

But this specially designed anti theft backpack not only protect your valuable personal possessions and keep them safe from pickpockets... it also has enough space and pockets to pack your own power bank (battery pack) which you can then access via an external USB port conveniently located on the outside of the backpack. Now you can keep your devices charging while on the go, no matter where your travels might take you!
No more running around, looking for a place to charge your devices!
  •  Waterproof!
  •  Hidden Anti-theft Pockets
  •  Credit Card Pocket
  •  Multiple Internal Compartments
  •  Fits 15.6-inch Laptop
  •  Breathable / Ventilated Materials
  •  Luggage Handle Strap
  •  Built-in Compass
  •  Built-in Emergency Whistle
  •  Capacity: 20-35 Litres
  •  External USB Charging Port

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