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  • Anti-Theft Design: You will never again have to worry about someone sneaking up on you on crowded public transport and opening your backpack! The Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack has a brand new design with a hidden zipper on the back instead of the front, so you will be the only one able to open up your bag and access your belongings!                           

    • Modern Style: The Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack will not only give you maximum convenience, comfort and protection, it will also keep you stylish as ever! The backpack is incredibly modern and unique with a stylish unisex design that is perfect for men and women of all ages and styles! The backpack will give you a minimalist elegance at school, at work, or on your vacation.   
    • Spacious Compartments: This backpack has a smart design with many convenient pockets and compartments that allows you to carry everything you might need, without having to squeeze everything together. The spacious backpack can hold your laptop, tablet, wallet, books, and even clothes so you can take it with you at class or on your trip!
    • Premium Quality: This brand new backpack is made with the finest polyester and PVC material that is extremely durable and waterproof so it will never get torn or wet. The backpack has an ergonomic burden-free design that evenly distributes all the weight so you can carry everything you need without getting tired or sore!     
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    • USB Charging Port: No need to worry about finding an outlet to charge your phone or running out of battery while you’re working on your laptop! This state-of-the-art backpack has a USB charging port so you can easily recharge your device even while you’re on the move!
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    The laptop is one of the best innovations in the world in that it helps to allow people to conduct business with others practically from anywhere. However, it will be important to keep it protected when on the go. The Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack will help to keep your laptop protected while being properly transported. Not only your laptop, but you can also keep all your vital gadgets like phone, book, pen and many more in it.

    The Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack come in several styles, colors and sizes to suit different users. It is specifically designed with features to suit your purpose. This classic backpack is made of top grade material with water-resistant strong qualities of the finest Pvc material and the color shades are attractive. The other features include spacious pockets, high quality anti- theft zippers, padded straps and breathable panels that provide extreme comfort. The quality of the Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack takes them way ahead of many other manufacturers in the trade.

    No matter what your profession is or where you are headed to, the Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack is a great companions. It is a multi-purpose backpacks that can be used for camping and hiking as well as for bus and airplane travels. This backpack is of new modern and unique unisex design, a regular backpack that's packed with so much cool stuff in it. It's constructed to protect your things, especially your tablets and laptops because of its thick material that shock cannot penetrate and waterproofed against moisture.

    Product Features:

    • Safe External USB Interface - Our reinforced zipper pocket increases the safety and allows you to secure your bag with a padlock if you want to. It also has a USB charging port so you can easy and quick charge any of your devices so your gadget/s will never run out of battery. You can easily and conveniently charge your phone, tablet and other devices without even opening up the backpack.
    • Unique style: The Tanka Anti-Theft Backpack won’t just give you greatest comfort and protection but it will keep you stylish as ever! A perfect and ideal use in school, at work, or on your vacation, that is constructed in classical and unique stylish unisex design for all ages.
    • High-Quality Material: It is made with the finest quality materials to ensure maximum performance and unique durability. Made of water repellent, tear-resistant and finest polyester and PVC material for lasting durability.
    • Anti-Theft: The hidden zipper and invisible pockets located on the back keep your laptop and other valuables safe and handy. It offers full protection for all your items inside it.
    • The perfect gift - Do you know anyone that needs an elegant premium laptop backpack? This would be an amazing gift for your dad, mom, sibling or boyfriend etc. Great for birthdays, Christmas, graduation and much more!
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